About CAIS

The http://aarinfo.az/?p=54841 Cost for toprol xl Caribbean Association of Independent Schools is an organization of 22 independent English-speaking schools in the Caribbean Basin. It was formed in 1968 to assist in maintaining and improving the educational standards and methods of member schools.

CAIS is dedicated to supporting member schools through professional development for teachers, administrators, trustees and parents. CAIS provides a forum for sharing ideas, innovations, and successful programs and practices for the improvement of our institutions, which might otherwise be isolated by our island locations. While each school proudly remains independent to serve it’s unique community and mission, CAIS seeks to promote coherence, commonality and communication among its members.

We believe in the value of independent education, providing:

Support and respect for our multiculturally diverse communities;
Freedom to innovate and develop enriched educational programs which foster quality education;
A safe haven for students to grow at their own individual rates and learning styles;
Preparation for students to be able to compete successfully at the highest levels when they leave our schools;

An orientation to the future while maintaining a sense of tradition.

All CAIS schools have admissions and hiring policies which are non-discriminatory. http://ministryofhappiness.org/2018/02/keppra-price-us/